Boulder – Parade of Lights

11/28/2018 | by Kate Young | Happening in Boulder

Have you heard of Boulder Parade of Lights? Boulder is known for its progressive ideals, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the mecca for health and wellness but we do have our hippy-esk hometown roots too.

Did you know Boulder had a rodeo where Whole Foods currently is (not that long ago circa the 1970s)? Nothing is better than our small-town holiday festivities.

Yes, I’m talking good ol’middle America fun. Imagine a “parade of lights” with local marching bands, fire trucks lit with holiday lights and of course, Santa rounding it out.

All throwing holiday candy and adoring children lining the streets with their plush, red Santa hats collecting the goods.

It is quintessential small-town America in one of the most progressive Cities in the country.

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Photo: Courtesy Boulder Downtown
Photo: Courtesy Boulder Downtown