Boulder – Parade of Lights

Have you heard of Boulder Parade of Lights? Boulder is known for its progressive ideals, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the mecca for health and wellness but we do have our hippy-esk hometown roots too. Did you know Boulder had a rodeo where Whole Foods currently is (not that long ago circa the 1970s)? Nothing is better than our…

11/28/2018 | by Kate Young | Happening in Boulder

Holidays in Boulder: A Modern Country Farm Home

Holidays in Boulder? Ahhh, the sweet sound of… nothing. That is except, a delicate stream, mountain breeze through the pine needles, and a BBQ grill sizzling with delectable nibbles. Oh, and the smells – the luscious aromas. Lavender fields, bush upon bush as far as your eyes can see. Crisp fresh, clean mountain air. Flavorful…

11/15/2018 | by Pamela Brewington | Vacation Highlights

First Bite Boulder: Top Restaurants Week

The rumors are true… Boulder, CO is one of the “foodiest” destinations in the country, but please don’t tell your friends. We are the best kept semi-secret. Not Napa, Brooklyn, SF, nor are we windy. We are Boulder. Have you heard of this Rocky Mountain city? Maybe as the happiest place to live? Or, cough,…

11/02/2018 | by Kate Young | Happening in Boulder